Friday, October 30, 2009

Kurus Dalam Masa 7 Hari?

Simple Diet for 7 Days

Eating helps to burn fat too but it all depends on how you eat and what you eat. Eating healthy and eating moderately helps to reduce weight slowly but healthily. We've got a week's menu especially for you. Follow them step by step and you'll get the result your want adequately. Remember, don't steal bites and no cheating at all or you won't see the result.

Day 1:
Take only fruits and soup. You can eat all kinds of fruits but not banana. Remember, no fat ingredients in your soup. Drink a lot of still water and low sugar juice

Day 2:
Take only vegetables and no fruits today. Cook yourself some soup and eat all day. You can include 4-5 boiled potatoes too.

Day 3:
Enough of potatoes and still no bananas today. You can have other fruits, vegetables and also soup. By the end of today, try to weigh yourself. You should have lost about 3kg as simple as that.

Day 4:
Eat fruits, drink soup and a lot of water. You can also have buttermilk or milk.

Day 5:
Take only vegetables and no fruits. Take one meal of soup. And for the whole day, drink at least 8 glasses of water.

Day 6:
No potatoes for today and only 1 soup meal. For the rest of the day, eat many fruits as you like and drink buttermilk or milk as you prefer.

Day 7:
Take only vegetables and 1 soup meal. Take you juice without sugar. You should have lost at least 8kg if you weigh today and if, you have not been cheating.

All you need to remember is don't take any alcohol and bread. You can substitute your juice if you like tea or coffee better but remember to take them without sugar and milk. If you need, then take low fat milk instead. You can also substitute any ingredients above but remember to check their calories. And the most important thing is drink lots of water. It's essential for everyone to lead a healthy life with a healthier eating habit.

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